Spring 2020: Distance Learning with a Difference



“Today when you all were reading the Mary Oliver poem in botany class, I was in tears.... I am on my knees with gratitude that you are giving the students these gifts, even if they have no idea how nourishing they are amidst zoom school. Thank you!” – Tara Parent

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Tara Performing Arts High School is committed to an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone; we extend the same rights and privileges to all prospective and current students. Tara does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, religion, disability, medical condition, marital status, citizenship status, military service status or other basis prohibited by law.


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During the spring 2020 campus closure, Tara teachers demonstrated extraordinary creativity in re-envisioning and adapting the unique Tara curriculum. In striving to share the essence of the material, the focus was on encouraging students' initiative and getting them outside and engaged with offline projects as much as possible.
In the coming year, Tara will continue to meet challenges with innovation and resourcefulness in order to fulfill our mission: to awaken students' minds and hearts, foster their sense of connection to each other and the world, engage them in meaningful work and excite them about life itself.


Main Lesson

Main lessons employed many different approaches to providing material, from short zoom presentations to pre-recorded lessons with slideshows and much more. Teachers encouraged students' initiative in work that engaged them directly and experientially with the subject matter and got them outdoors and offline as much as possible. Student-led discussion forums and project presentations also enlivened the classes, helping to increase engagement, even at a distance.


Screen Free Days

Screen-free Wednesdays were the midweek distance-learning schoolday when Tara students unplugged and had the space to read, write, reflect and create offline.



The teaching of math, distance-learning style, embraced high-tech solutions like real-time problem-solving on a virtual white board and digital graph modeling as well as good old-fashioned methods like real chalkboard drawings and student-made measuring devices. Zoom lessons sometimes began with an on-screen prompt to link to previously learned material and to create curiosity for what was to come; after new material was introduced, individual work was carried out in "class" with teacher and peer support



In English classes, the students continued to explore the literature assigned for the semester, supplementing their reading and writing assignments with short zoom discussions and in-depth creative projects that expanded and deepened their engagement with the material.


World Language

German and Spanish classes focused primarily on vocabulary and putting it to creative use through a wide range of artistic and practical projects, all documented and shared in the language and grammar being studied.


Performance and Trips

Performance and Trips: Plans for the 2020/21 school year include innovative approaches to festivals, performances, trips and experiential education so that we can continue to fulfill Tara’s vision while meeting safety requirements